Market for enjoying Japanese food – ざったなぶろぐ



Market for enjoying Japanese food


For this blog for the Tokyo Olympic Games in two years time
It aims to send information for overseas people
Please do not hesitate to let me know about Japan, and I will send out various information so that I can enjoy Japan.

Unfortunately I can not speak English at all.
Therefore, this English is all using Google translation.
Even if there is somewhat strange translation, I want it forgiven
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Market for enjoying Japanese food

If you came to Japan, I hope you enjoy Japanese food.
However, even if we say Japanese food, the range is wide
Therefore, I would like to introduce the price of the necessary fee rather than a specific story this time.
If I answer a lot of detailed questions, I will tell you how much budget is needed this time.

There are many shops I would like to introduce but I will introduce it if there are a lot of questions

■ Breakfast
The Japanese money for breakfast is not very high.
Most Japanese people have a custom of eating breakfast at their own home, so there is not much culture to eat out with eating out.
However, some companies prepare breakfast sets targeting people who do not eat rice at home.
Because there is no culture to eat breakfast with eating out in Japan, most breakfast is offered very cheaply.
Even if it says that, I think that it will not come out too high class.
Basically I think it will be around 300 yen ~ 400 yen.
Please think that it will be a high-end route if it costs more.

This store is a chain store that provides breakfast that you are grasping at a cheap price.

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These shops are famous beef bowl chain stores in Japan
Therefore, you can find it in Tokyo / Yokohama immediately.
If you find it because there is no problem with the taste, please go there.
I recommend it.

■ Lunch
Lunch is basically provided as a lunch.

It means that lunch is not only meaning lunch in Japan, but also at cheap prices.
Naturally, the price is higher than breakfast, but think that it is cheaper than dinner.

Japanese salaried workers spend between 500 yen and 1,000 yen for lunch. Therefore, if you are priced at this price you can eat it as though it is a regular price.
Most of the shops offer lunch if they are open at lunchtime.
In case of unknown, to people in the store
You should ask “Are you going for lunch?”
If you are a Japanese, will you answer in the meaning “Do you offer at a cheaper price than nighttime rates?”

The price range of the late night meal is very large.
The price of 1000 yen to 1500 yen is the price of common dinner. However, for dinner drinking will become commonplace, sometimes more than 3000 yen is needed.

If you do not display the price of the dish outside the shop, say that you want me to show the menu towards the store clerk.
There is no shop which does not answer by asking this question, so it is good to ask a dignified question.
If it is a store that does not tell me, I do not recommend going to that store.

It is difficult at breakfast, but you can eat the following menu if it’s lunch or late night.

  • sushi
  • tempura
  • Soba
  • ramen

Because all are delicious foods, I definitely want you to eat it when you come to Japan.

Japanese shops in foreign countries are expensive.
Japanese food to eat in Japan is cheap, and you can eat delicious food.
If you came to Japan, I would like you to challenge these foods.