What are you planning to do for the hotel?



What are you planning to do for the hotel?

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For this blog for the Tokyo Olympic Games in two years time
It aims to send information for overseas people
Please do not hesitate to let me know about Japan, and I will send out various information so that I can enjoy Japan.

Unfortunately I can not speak English at all.
Therefore, this English is all using Google translation.
Even if there is somewhat strange translation, I want it forgiven
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What are you planning to do for the hotel?

What are you going to do for your accommodation to stay after coming to Japan?
In general, teach expenses necessary for staying in Japan.
First of all, think that the hotel is divided into the following three types

  • Luxury Hotels
  • business hotel
  • Love Hotel
  • Hotel Ship

I will tell about each.

■About luxury hotels
There is nothing to talk about this deeply about this.
Because people who are interested in this will normally use it
In addition, it seems that people who stay at luxury hotels are rare, not troubled.
Such humans do their best on their own! !
However, I will tell you about the market price
Speaking of luxury hotels in Japan, I think that it is okay to treat high class if the price of overnight exceeds 10,000 yen.
Even if it is high-class, there is a pinch gully,
There is also opinion that “luxury at 10,000 yen? Do not make me laugh”
However, as I say many times, a man who can not think that 10,000 yen is a high class think that the content described in this blog is not very useful, so leave now.
By the way, there are something like ultra-luxury hotel 200,000 yen per night

■ Business Hotel
Think from hotel of this rank as hotel where ordinary people stay.
Generally, it can stop around 8000 yen a night.
Also, if you are in one room with two people you will be looking for 12000 yen (6000 yen per person) as well
A business hotel is often used when a Japanese salaried worker comes to the capital region from a local business trip.
I do not use it much with my family.
However, even if it stops at the family, there is no discomfort, so please use it more and more
There is something like this chain of business hotels famous in Japan.
Please refer for it.

【公式最安】スーパーホテル ホームページ【ビジネスホテル予約】
Toyoko Inn - Hotel Reservation
Book your hotel and business hotel plans at Toyoko Inn. Book from this official website and get maximum of ¥400 discount!


If these hotels are off season, they can stop at about 3000 yen per night.
What is common to business hotels is that breakfast is all you can eat in buffet style.
Also, it is roughly delicious about what is mysterious.
The breakfast was never tasty at these hotels.
I want you to be proficient.

However, as the Olympic season and other places are expected to be short of accommodation, the charge will also be high.
Probably be prepared for around 10,000 yen a night.

■ Love Hotel
You should not really introduce it, but it seems to be lacking in accommodation.
Therefore, I can not recommend it, but please introduce that there are such options.
I will explain in detail as long as a question comes.
A love hotel is a hotel for adult men and women to do affair
Of course, if you are coming to Japan with your family you should not take it as an option.
However, there are things that I taught when I was an elementary school teacher when I was interpreting at the Tokyo Olympic Games held at least 50 years ago.
Because I was an elementary school student, I did not tell details, but it seems that at the time the hotel shortage occurred.

The teacher who was participating in the volunteer seems to have introduced a love hotel with a struggle to make it something for foreigners who are having a strong sense of justice and are having trouble with accommodation.
And foreigners were able to secure the accommodation place.

It is a premise hotel that doing affairs.
Therefore, the room charge is the charge when staying with 2 people.
The price is between 5000 yen and 10000 yen
Also, at hotels that cost more than 10000 yen amusement and something are fulfilling.
Sometimes I get talked about in Japan, so please enjoy it.
However, please understand that it is not a place to go with family, although I say it many times.
※ It will not be bad, but there is a possibility of choking because there is no charge setting.
Also, think that meals are not basically served.

■ Hotel Ship
Tom, this is what I was doing on TV today and I will introduce it.
The Tokyo Olympic Games is regarded as having a problem of lack of accommodation facilities for foreigners.
Therefore, it seems that the Tokyo prefecture is considering to use a luxury liner as a lodging facility at Tokyo Bay etc.
It is expected that a luxury liner is a prerequisite, but it is probable that it will be necessary about 50,000 yen per room.
However, as it is a luxury liner premise, we can expect the accommodation facilities to some extent.

We will support you so that everyone will not have trouble with accommodation! !