Be careful about the traveling time.

Be careful about the traveling time.

この記事を読むのに必要な時間は約 5 分です。


For this blog for the Tokyo Olympic Games in two years time
It aims to send information for overseas people
Please do not hesitate to let me know about Japan, and I will send out various information so that I can enjoy Japan.

Unfortunately I can not speak English at all.
Therefore, this English is all using Google translation.
Even if there is somewhat strange translation, I want it forgiven
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Be careful about the traveling time.

I would like to move smartly when I travel to Japan
I decide the destination carefully and decide where I will head, I think that I am doing actions after considering various things based on timetables etc.
Just a moment, please wait,
What time is it to do the plan?
Maybe, have you moved from 8 to 9 in the morning?
Then the plan needs reexamination.
In the cities of Japan, especially Tokyo and Osaka, trains in the morning are very crowded
There are obviously things that you can not get on the train at city terminal stations etc.
If you are a traveler and have big baggage on the first day or the last day
You will not be able to move smoothly.
Japanese traffic jam is awesome unimaginable

I talked about it in the morning, but of course I can say the same story on the way home.
If you are considering traveling time from 17 o’clock to 18 o’clock, since the movement of the train is very crowded
It’s better to have these sessions for sightseeing instead of traveling if possible

By the way, I think Tokyo Station will be the starting point of movement, but please be aware that Tokyo Station is a place to use for movement and not a place to use for sightseeing
There is sightseeing place such as the Imperial Palace and Hibiya Park if you walk somewhat if you walk somewhere business street but what you can do near the station is to enjoy souvenir shopping and gourmet
Tokyo station with the name Tokyo, but the station itself is entertaining, so be careful!

By the way, since the Tokyo station itself is designated as a cultural asset, once it gets off the station
I recommend you to see it from the outside!
However, even if you enjoy seeing it will be over if you have 5 minutes

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