Self Make Shortener URL light



Self Make Shortener URL light

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Self Make Shortener URL light

make csv file








Please prepare in case of breakdown and get back up.

Enable ShortCode

It became to correspond to the short code from Ver. !


↑ I think that it is a link to Yahoo here, but on wordpress it is described with such a short code.

Surrounded by parentheses tan tan = ●● word = ▼ ▼

● ●: Please enter the short code you made.

▼ ▼: Please enter the words you want to display with the anchor.

Since it corresponded to the short code, pasting became easy.




How to make a setting file


Name Description URL shortname type noindex nofollow
yahoo YahooJapan ya 302 0 0
google Google gl 307 1 0
kindle kindle・・・・ kin 302 0 1
InfoSeek infoseek in 301 1 1
so-net so-net so 301 0 1
Livedoor livedoor li 302 1 0
gaimu gaimu mofa 301 0 1
Name It’s a simple name. You should make it appear as you see it.
Description It is an explanation. It should be written in the management screen so that you can understand.
URL Please describe the affiliate destination etc. It is the url of the destination you want to redirect.
shortname It is the most important abbreviated name. This name is used for various settings.
type It is a redirect type. If you do not understand it well, I should set it to 301 for now.
noindex It will not be registered in the search engine.
nofollow I use it for pages that you do not want crawlers to follow.



There is a point you want to be aware of only one, please use Shift-JIS for the character code.

※ If you make it by Windows it will be Shift-JIS normally.

If you do not know well, you can edit the sample file and use it as it is.