If you come to Japan and get a sim



If you come to Japan and get a sim

この記事を読むのに必要な時間は約 6 分です。


For this blog for the Tokyo Olympic Games in two years time
It aims to send information for overseas people
Please do not hesitate to let me know about Japan, and I will send out various information so that I can enjoy Japan.

Unfortunately I can not speak English at all.
Therefore, this English is all using Google translation.
Even if there is somewhat strange translation, I want it forgiven
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If you come to Japan and get a sim


When coming to Japan from overseas, I will naturally bring a smartphone.

However, I think that I understand, American sim can not be used in Japan. This is true even if Egyptian citizens come to Japan

When I come to Japan, I have to get Japanese sim.

Either at Tokyo International Airport or at Narita Airport anywhere can be used in Japan but sim can be obtained at the airport If you have 5 minutes there will be a sim counter and a sim vending machine will be found.

However, cost performance is inevitable by all means.
This is unavoidable.

If you have plenty of time, I would like you to drop in at a large electric shop in Japan.

In general, the famous place is Akihabara where everyone loves it
Here we get off the station and there is a “Yodobashi camera” in front of us.
This is the largest sales floor area home electric appliance depot in Japan.
There is nothing to get tired of even a day! !
On the first floor here we sell various sim cards.
If you are planning to come to Akihabara, try hard and come to Akihabara and get a sim card.
The biggest merit is that a clerk can speak English.
Naturally, not all shop clerks can speak, but because they have all the clerks who can talk about major foreign countries, they do something.

The most recommended sim as of June 2018
It is


It is capable of high speed communication of 200 MB per day.
As this field is progressing rapidly, various companies enter, so I’d like to check every month, but at this point this sim will be the best cost performance

When I come to Japan, I will send an email to my friend in my hometown
Obtaining sim is indispensable for that! !