How To Delete Search History On Android



How To Delete Search History On Android

この記事を読むのに必要な時間は約 9 分です。

Dear Android users

I want to save friends all over the world who are having trouble with the problem that I can not delete from this android history on this page.
However, very unfortunately I can not speak English!
Therefore, if you can understand Japanese, please read this article.

【ずばり解決】google の 履歴からアイテムを削除できませんでした 地球儀や時計マーク問題 ※各種履歴の削除方法

I have left everything here.

To my friends who do not understand Japanese unfortunately I will try my best to present a solution using Google Translate

Since I do not understand English many times, even if it becomes a somewhat strange translation, please laugh and forgive me


This solution is a solution that is open to the public even overseas, only if you can not solve it, please try it.
Because I do what I do not usually do.
Naturally, the risk that the terminal will be broken is not zero.
Because I can not do anything even if I become such an unfortunate thing
However, if there is still circumstance to prioritize the solution, please try it


It is a place I want to see people who really are in trouble from here

Did you successfully erase in the articles so far? That is good, is not it still going wrong?

I also did not disappear at the beginning at the content I wrote so far (TT)

This is what you would like to try by all means

It is a correspondence method for people who will never disappear.

Please challenge once.

It might work just like me! !

People who just can not disappear

Have you never disappeared from the search history by just following the above steps?

In such a case please try the following.


Open the list of applications from your device, find GooglePlay developer services and click

Can not delete my search history on Google Android

Can’t delete my search history on Google Android

Delete update data with the button on the upper right

The item could not be deleted from the history, but what to do if it is displayed

Can’t delete my search history on Google Android

The Google Play developer service is absolutely necessary for running various applications of Google, and it should not be deleted and can not be erased.

However, only update data can be deleted individually.

⇒ I will download it immediately even if I erase it.

When you do this method, various information will be gone together.

Although I can not erase it by all means, I recommend you to try it only if there are individual circumstances you have to erase.

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People who can not erase the update data
I think that it will solve almost by the method so far, but as an external factor to surprisingly

I can not erase the update data

I understood that people are intermittent.

If you become such a person, please check this article.

Many people who use Oreo (Android 8.0) or the like quite a lot of this pattern may be.

GooglePlay 開発者サービス 更新データの削除 を行う

If it was saved by this

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