Always buy if you are in Japan for more than 3 days! Suica or Pasmo



Always buy if you are in Japan for more than 3 days! Suica or Pasmo

この記事を読むのに必要な時間は約 12 分です。


For this blog for the Tokyo Olympic Games in two years time
It aims to send information for overseas people
Please do not hesitate to let me know about Japan, and I will send out various information so that I can enjoy Japan.

Unfortunately I can not speak English at all.
Therefore, this English is all using Google translation.
Even if there is somewhat strange translation, I want it forgiven
I will keep links on the top of this category, so if you are interested I also want you to see it



Always buy if you are in Japan for more than 3 days! Suica or Pasmo

The top green is suica and the bottom pink is Pasmo
Strictly speaking, there are differences, but when you use it for sightseeing enjoying Japan, it is unlikely to care about the difference.
99% of the shops that can be used simply because the company that issued simply is different!


I think that most of the reasons why you come to Japan are sightseeing.
Naturally I think some people come by work, but 1% of those people.
I think that 99% of people will come by sightseeing.
If you stay for more than 3 days, there is something you want to win.
that is
suica or pasmo
It is

This is by no means a special souvenir.
It is a mysterious item that simply let your stay in Japan elegant.

Suica or Pasmo is a transportation type IC card that can simply accumulate electronic money
As similar things there are these.

  1. Oyster cards in London
  2. Washington DC smart lip
  3. Seoul T-money card
  4. Hong Kong Octopus Card
  5. Bangkok’s rabbit card

If you have used it, the image will be easy to gather.

But the great thing about Suica or Pasmo in Japan is this

Can be used across transportation.
We can discount a little.
You can shop at a vending machine.
I can do shopping at convenience stores.

Overseas you should not have such functions like these * Sorry, I’m sorry

Can be used across transportation.
As Tokyo premise, as a major transportation

  • Train’s JR
  • Metro Tokyo Metro
  • Toei bus


There are such.

Usually, it is necessary for each operating company to pay the fee,
If you have Suica or Pasmo you get the same payment method in all transportation.

We can discount a little.
Although it is limited to transportation and some vending machines, there are cases where discounts of around 1% are made.

You can shop at a vending machine.
Tobacco is NG but most juice vending machines correspond to this Suica or Pasmo.

I can do shopping at convenience stores.
If you are walking in Tokyo for 5 minutes, you can use it by paying at a convenience store where you can find it immediately.

Although I have shopped overseas, I can not afford to pay quickly because I can not grasp the sense of money by all means.
However, if you charge this Suica or Pasmo in advance, you will not be confused by payment.

When shopping overseas, it will be embarrassing to fluke if you bring it at the cash register.
But when you pay, ask Suica OK? Or Pasmo OK? And a cashier’s clerk
The clerk should answer “OK!” With a smile of Manga
Although it is an obtaining method, there is nothing particularly difficult.
You can purchase it at most stations’ automatic ticket gates
Below, this is how to purchase Pasmo, but Suica is almost the same.


I want you to see the image above.
There is English and menu in the upper right.
If you press this button you do not need to understand Japanese! !

However, I want you to pay attention to only one point.
500 yen will be taken as a deposit upon initial purchase.
Naturally this 500 yen can be refunded at the stage when it becomes unnecessary,
You will be surprised if you do not know.
An example
When putting 2000 yen in the first charge, it is said that 500 yen can not be used with 1500 yen and 500 yen

If you are coming to Japan with four families, please have one person each. Although it is possible to use more than one person by one piece, there is no merit.
Even if you move all day, 2000 yen is enough if you use trains and buses.
If you’re planning to stay for about a week, you may pay around 10,000 yen.

Suica or Pasmo is only available at shops that will pay you correctly.
Suica or Pasmo seems to be unavailable for some reason in malicious stores such as botter stuff, so I want you to be relieved.

If you come to Japan, please purchase this Suica or Pasmo and enjoy comfortable sightseeing.